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What if you could have one identity on the internet, accessible for anyone across the planet regardless of language, age, or culture? That’s the basic idea behind Yat, an emoji-based ID that gives you (and you alone) a unique string of emojis that serve as your online calling card.
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A start-up based out of the Bay Area, Yat needed help with their front-end site development and messaging. They already had a great idea, but they needed help communicating it, which is why they came to us — to refine their voice, vision, and UX. We set out to do all three, claiming our Yats along the way.


Picture Perfect

First, we got a grip on what Yat was, distilling their brand and synthesizing the best way to talk about who they are and what a Yat even is.

In this process, we created their tagline: Be an Icon. Our content designer and UX designer worked closely together to ensure that we were putting the user first throughout the Yat selection process.
Our UX designers paired up with Yat’s internal designer to help guide the overall site design, which was turned over to our Webflow expert to build.


With a refined brand, voice, message, and design, Yat is poised to take over the internet. The Yat picker is delightful, and the brand and voice are intentional, with messaging that better explains what Yat is all about.
“Working with Edgar Allan allowed us to feel more confident in our ability to move to this platform and do so in a way that scales for our enterprise.”
Garrett McCullough,
Mobile Engineer

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